Shrink JPEG

Shrink JPEG photos and reduce size

Frequently Asked Questions

What browsers are supported?

IE 9 and newer. Firefox 3.6 and newer. Chrome 4 and newer. Safari 4 and newer. iOS Safari 8.5 and newer. Android Browser 3 and newer.

Are my photos stored on your server?

No. The photos are compressed using browser-based technologies. On Chrome and Firefox, the photos never leave your computer. On Safari, images are sent after compression to a server in order to facilitate a file download, but they are not stored.

How does the shrinking of JPEG's work?

ShrinkJPEG uses the compression feature of the HTML5 Canvas element in supported browsers.

What level of compression is achieved?

On average, you can expect to get a 40-50% file size reduction. For best results, use Chrome.